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Why Do Coils of an Air Conditioner Freeze?

Freezing coils are definitely a big concern of any house owner in the hot temperature time and this usually happens when the temperature in the evaporator coil drops. This situation further gives rise to block airflow and cause the unit to come at a halt state. Well! Nothing to worry as we see few most appropriate reasons highlighted by AC repair Pembroke Pines of freezing coils here in this blog.

Low Air Flow

If there is a low air flow, then heat won’t be absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator coil and then the temperature in the coil goes below freezing thus forming of ice. Now the question is why does an air flow happen? It happens because of the faulty motor or fan or dirty air filter and sometimes any obstruction in the ductwork can also prevent the air from reaching to the coil.

Low Refrigerant Pressure

When there is a low refrigerant pressure then there is a low temperature in the coil as the refrigerant expands. The cause of the refrigerant expansion is generally the leaking refrigerant which should get repaired immediately by taking the assistance from the expert of the AC repair Pembroke Pines service.

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