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Do You Know why Your AC is Not Cooling?

The AC is a useful machine that works continuously in the summer and gives you consistent cooling. But sometimes due to functioning for a longer period of time, the AC loses its efficiency and doesn’t give you much cooling. Sometimes this is a common issue and sometimes it gives you hard time dealing with it. […]

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How Does Insufficient Refrigerant Affect AC Performance?

Air conditioners are always there on the list of some of the most complicated home appliances. Basically, this is because there are several complex parts in an air-conditioning system that require proper maintenance, and sometimes, you might even need to call the proficient technicians of AC repair Pembroke Pines for fixing your appliance. Coming to […]

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Why Do Coils of an Air Conditioner Freeze?

Freezing coils are definitely a big concern of any house owner in the hot temperature time and this usually happens when the temperature in the evaporator coil drops. This situation further gives rise to block airflow and cause the unit to come at a halt state. Well! Nothing to worry as we see few most […]

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