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What Causing Air Conditioner System to Leak Water?

The water leaks from an air conditioner is really a frustrating and annoying things which spread mess and disorder all around your house without giving you enough time to make things in an orderly manner. Not only they are just irritating to disturb your scheduled activities, but they also huge damage to your house creating small to big inconveniences in the summer season. The air conditioner is a resourceful machine but when it starts leaking it becomes a matter of high botheration as it will snatch away your time, effort and money in repairs. So, instead of turning cautious after leakage, why not to stay alert before any such thing happens and for this to make you understand, AC repair Pembroke Pines has mentioned two major reasons of why does the AC leak water?

Clogged Drain Line

The condensate drain pipe can make the drain pan of the AC system’s overflow which becomes the most obvious cause of the water leakage from your air conditioner system. This normally happens because of the clogging of the drain lines of the condensation mechanism with dust, debris, algae and other type of impurities which don’t allow the moisture to expel out and thus revert back in causing the water to leak from the AC system. So always make sure that you stay alert in maintaining the maintenance of the drain lines .

Dirty Air Filter

Not only does dirty air filter cause the leakages but it also leads to several other problems but for now we will see how it fosters AC leaking water problem. Well! When the filter becomes dirty it restricts the airflow and the evaporator coil remains unventilated thus causing them to remain too cold which results in getting them frozen and as the ice on the coil starts melting, the moisture drips down and overflow the drip pan and letting it to leak.

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