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High Moisture Level Does Hurt Your AC System

Whether you have accounted or not, about two-thirds of our entire year dependence is on our very own air conditioner system that works superbly well in order to compensate the harsh effects of the summer by giving you unbeatable supply of the cool air. But, the heat doesn’t only warm the air, it is often accompanied with the humidity as well which is called the excess moisture that often harms the human body and the AC system as well. The humidity is more frightening than the heat as it causes you to frequently reset the temperature settings on the thermostat and thus makes the air conditioner to work unevenly quite sometimes affecting a lot on its performance. Now why does the humidity affects this hard on AC machine, do you have any idea? Well! If you don’t have any idea then let’s find out through AC repair Pembroke Pines service which has given a small description about it below.

Are you Mistakenly Assuming AC Unit as a Dehumidifier?

Yes! It’s true that a cooling machine has somewhat able to exhibit the properties of a de-humidification system but that doesn’t absolutely mean that it is meant to fully work as a dehumidifier or that is its sole purpose besides air conditioning. The main problem that the humidity causes to the cooling system is to make it work harder than usual for maintaining the cooling atmosphere inside which is something not favourable for the machine as it has to bear a lot of pressure to maintain the quality cool air supply. Worsen the situation is when you lower the temperature settings on the thermostat and the AC module strives hard to cool your home, which uselessly inches the machine to getting wear and tear. Because of all this, the indoor coil gets frozen due to the moisture content being so high and creates a humidification issue that needs to be addressed otherwise, AC has to be changed or you end up facing a hike on the energy bills.

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