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Common Causes of AC Breakdown Issues

Summers bring lots of challenges be it in your lifestyle, food or scheduling of the daily activities. Well! That is fine, but difficulties arise when the air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the season and things become disorderly and eventually result into disturbances and warmness at home. Though there could be many issues when the AC breakdown happens but still you can keep a note on a few of the most common causes of the AC breakdown and can try to avoid them so that breakdown doesn’t occur. Here in this blog, we have discussed two of the most common causes that lead to AC breakdown issues and staying careful about those can help in avoiding the sudden breakdown of the air conditioner.

Running of AC Unit with a Dirty Filter

It may seem that air filters are not so important component but you are mistaken if you think so, as the air filters are the most common causes which make an AC face a breakdown issue. The air filters are sensitive parts that get clogged with dirt and dust and can affect on the AC functioning if they are not cleaned or replaced. So it’s highly recommended to change the air filter once in every two or three months.

Heavy AC Usage

In summers, it is pretty obvious that your air conditioner works more than usual in order to beat the warmness inside the home. Well! That’s ok, but do you know that this added pressure could lead to overheating, circuit breaker and other failures which might give AC system a bad time in operating and can face sudden breakdown. So that’s why it is recommended not to allow AC to work for more time than what is required to function.

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