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Why your Air Filters Turning Black? Want to Know Why?

Without much description about the importance of the air filter, it’s high time to know why does it get dirty and why does they turn black often. Though you always try to keep the schedule of changing air filters be done on time, still, the air filters get dirty and become susceptible to dirt and debris. Well! There are two most significant reasons for the air filters get turned to black and to which you should stay particular in not allowing the causes to get occurred. For your better understanding on the air filters about why they get black, here are two most significant reasons summarized by AC repair Pembroke Pines service.

Mold Growth

Usually, the households in the humid area are generally prone to mold growth. When the air conditioner system runs, the evaporator coil gets covered by the condensation and this very moisture travels to the air filters and thus give rise to the mold growth. The accumulation of the moisture makes the air filters black. So the best way to get rid of the mold is to discard those air filters which have become black or are affected by the mold growth as mold growth isn’t only bad for the air filters but is also not favourable for the health of the house members.

Soot from the Burning Candles

Though candles are burnt to have the fragrance in homes, but the black soot that emerges from the candle are not good for the air filters. The accumulation of the soot can foster the performance of the air filters and thus turn them to black which again, not good for the functioning of the air conditioner. The best way to get rid of this issue is to use the natural candles which don’t produce much soot and helps the air filters to retain their efficiency.

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