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Why AC Unit Freezes Up?

Doesn’t it feel weird that when it is hot outside and your only cooling machine get freeze up? If the air conditioner which is the only ray of hope in that scorching heat of summer stops functioning, then this is no less than a nightmare. So, freezing of the air conditioner is one of the most harmful causes that can let the air conditioner stops functioning in that humid weather. Figuring out the real reason behind the freezing of the AC system is hard to find and it makes the situation completely uncomfortable. If your machine has got freezed, then you can read the blog below in which AC repair Pembroke Pines has mentioned a few reasons about why the AC system gets freeze up.

Blocked Air Flow

One of the main reasons behind a frozen air conditioner is the air flow when the air flow gets restricted, no air can move to the machine and due to which the condenser coil gets freeze up. Usually, the dirty air filter is the main factor behind the restricted air flow. To get the best results, you should call the expert of the AC repair Pembroke Pines so that he can change the air filters and your unit can be recovered.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another common issue that can cause AC freeze up is the refrigerant leaks. This type of situation is an indication to the homeowners to decide whether to invest more in the current machine or should buy a new one. If you want to troubleshoot and repair this leakage problem, then it would not be good, it’s better to call the professional.

Now, these were the two main causes behind the frozen AC unit, but if you analyze that your module is getting frozen frequently, then its better to get it checked from a repair company which deals in rectifying the frozen air conditioning modules.

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