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A Quick Glance at AC Drain Pan Issues

As a part of the whole cooling process, the air conditioner produces water which, when collected in excess is thrown by a drain pan. The drain pan basically conveys the water to the drain line and thrown out of the house. So the drain pan is an important component that needs to be checked regularly in order to let it maintain the functionality of the system. Here in this blog, AC repair Pembroke Pines has highlighted few issues related to the AC drain that are important for you to know.

No Space for Leaks

The drain pan is the major part of the air conditioning unit and a leak in the drain pan could lead to several problematic situations. So if the drain pan is found with leakage then it could ruin your house property, flooring, walls and other crucial parts of the house without any reason. So it is always advisable to get the drain pan checked as it could be infected with a leak and may even lead to structural damage of the house.

Mold Growth could Happen

The organic particles which are tiny gets collected in the drain pans and lines and can result in mold spores that can infect breathing air in your home. The mold growth can result in allergic symptoms and can be very troublesome for those in your family who are prone to respiratory illness. Also, if you sense that there are some foul smell coming from your home then immediately get the drain pan checked and get it cleaned or repaired.

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